Triple Zero Roulette Game – What Is It and How Playing This Game Is A Loss for You


American roulette is something that has made quite a name in the world of casino game lovers. As the demand increased, the casinos have come up with an updated version of this roulette game known as Triple Zero Roulette Game. The game is also known as the Sand game, as there is an addition to another Green 0 in the game.

Triple Zero Roulette Game

As the name says, the casino game designers have come up with the idea of adding an extra zero in the normal roulette game. What can an extra zero do? Well, it has increased the house edge percentage from 5 to 6% to 7 to 8%.

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With the increase in the house edge, the betting amount has reduced from $15 to $10. The casinos have come up with an excellent way of juicing their profit with the introduction of this game.

For instance, if you bet $450, then automatically you are placing $15 bet on 30 different options. Since the casino juices 7 to 8% as the house edge, you have already lost $34 to $35.

Reasons to Not Play Triple Zero Roulette

Every casino game has some benefits to the casino game handlers. The price that is deduced in the overall payment in the triple zero roulette game wins is around 5 to 6%. However, the growing demand for the game has made it necessary for the casino game handlers to deduct about 7 to 8% of each win.

The higher the gamblers bet the money, the higher the rate of deduction from the wins goes.