Progressive Jackpot – What You Should Know About the New Slots Games


‍If you’ve been keeping up with the modern casino world over the past few years, you’ll know that slots have undergone a transformation. The old-school slot machines, developed in the ‘80s and ‘90s, are now being challenged by new technologies and game formats that are faster, more exciting and offer bigger jackpots. This article will explain what Progressive jackpot is and how they’re changing the landscape of slots.

What Games Have a Chance of Containing a Progressive Jackpot?

There are currently 3 main types of progressive jackpots in slot machines – fixed, variable and spot. Fixed and variable are the most common, with spot being a special case. Most slot machines will have one of these three types, alongside variations on each theme. The most popular type of progressive jackpot in slots is the fixed one, which is triggered when a certain amount of money is won. It can often be triggered by bonus symbols, free spins or a series of wins in succession. Some machines will offer a higher fixed jackpot amount if you bet during a special promotion period.

How to Win a Progressive jackpot in a Slot Game

If you’re aiming to win a progressive jackpot in a slot machine, you’ll need to play a few games to build up some momentum. Ideally, you’d like to play a few sessions in a row, with smaller wins interspersed throughout. This is known as “staying in the game”, and is a great way to build confidence and avoid getting too excited or worried about winning too soon. You can access the “winning” games in “Top Wager” mode, which will show you the top five most played slots in the game. If you’re confident enough to play one of these games, you should have no problem finding a win. If you’re not so sure you want to risk losing all your winnings, there are “Easy Play” and “Forfeit” modes. In Easy Play mode, you won’t lose any money if you accidentally click the “Forfeit” button, as the payout structure will offer you a smaller amount if you lose. Finally, you should also consider playing another game that is nearby, such as “Standing” or “Reverse”. These will help you build up some momentum, and will also help you avoid over excitement and losing control of the machine.

When playing a new slot machine, always check the combo, payouts and features of the games to see what they have to offer. Most slot machines feature at least one type of progressive jackpot, and many offer more than one type. This gives players a variety of bets and winning strategies to try out, and it also means that new players can enjoy a more diverse experience.

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