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How to Survive in the Live Dealer Casino World


In case you hadn’t noticed, live dealer casino games have started to move out of the shadows of the iGaming industry and into the light over the last few months.

Thanks to advances in online and mobile technology, it’s now possible to link up with highly trained dealers in various remote locations and enjoy a virtually real casino experience.

Although not quite as realistic as sitting down at a table in the Bellagio, the range of games you can now find inside a platform such as Smart Live Casino Free Bonuses Slots are the next best thing. In fact, if you look at the medium from a different angle, it’s actually possible to say that live dealer games can be better than the real thing.

Live Casino Games Offer a Better Deal

For example, when you log into online casinos like Smart Live and load up one of their live dealer tables, you’ll be presented with the best elements of both mediums. Indeed, the speed and efficiency of online gaming is all there (i.e. you can click and bet in seconds) as is the affordable betting limits (games such as roulette start from $1 per spin).

This is then fused with the interactive element a live dealer can bring to the table (they will chat to you as you play) as well as the anticipation and suspense you feel as the cards turn or the wheel spins. Overall, when it comes to offering a better all-round experience, live dealer casino games are hard to beat.

OK, so the combination of web streams, RFID chips and live dealers offer a better way to play, but if you’re not able to stay one step ahead of the game then this will count for nothing.

Although specific playing strategies for live dealer games won’t differ from those you can use at virtual tables, there are some general points you need to bear in mind before you ante-up.

Live Casino Tips

With this in mind, we’ve put together a quick rundown of the main points you need to consider if you want to ensure you don’t blow you bankroll by making wrong moves in the live arena:

Don’t Get Distracted

As we’ve said, live dealer casino games are much more engaging than their virtual cousins and while that’s a huge positive, it can also be a negative. Unlike virtual games where the only thing you have to focus on is a series of animations, live dealer tables have a lot more going on.

From the dealer talking, the physical objects moving and chips clinking, there are more things to distract you at these tables so it’s important to maintain your focus. Taking short breaks every 15 minutes is a great way to refocus the mind, calm the nerves and ensure you don’t get too distracted by this immersive new world.

Watch Your Speed

One thing you will notice when you play live dealer casino games is that they are slightly slower than virtual games. Although the ratios will differ depending on the game and the dealer, it’s generally accepted that live games will be around 25% slower than their virtual counterparts (i.e. for every 100 virtual hands of blackjack you play, you’d see around 75 at a live dealer table).

Naturally, this is still faster than actual live casino games, but it’s slower than you may be used to. Although this won’t require a major change of tact, it’s important to understand that your hourly rate will be lower. However, as long as you can account for this ahead of time it shouldn’t be a problem.

Factor in the Costs

The final thing you need to be aware of when is that the cost will be slightly higher. Because the operator has to cover more costs it means the minimum betting stakes are slightly higher for certain games.

Fortunately, casinos have tried to keep the discrepancy to a minimum, but you may find that some virtual games of blackjack will cost as little as $0.10 per hand while live dealer games will cost $1.

Again, however, as long as you account for this ahead of time then you’ll be able to enjoy the best elements of this new gaming medium without busting your bankroll!

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