My Favourite Roulette Bets for Online Casinos


Roulette is one of the best online games online. It offers adrenaline, decent odds and table atmosphere that is unrivalled online. But when it comes to betting on roulette, some people are unsure what to do. I see players randomly betting on their favourite number or double zero. In this post I’m going to share my favourite roulette bets. Feel free to copy them and do likewise next time you gamble online.

Two Rows

Every roulette table follow the same format so you can see three horizontal rows, each with specific numbers on it. By betting on this row, you will get 2:1 on your money. So, if you wager $10, you’ll get $30 back, your $10 investment plus $20 winnings. The Malaysia online casino has the edge as they have the zero or double zero which are not in any row. This edge is small but obviously helps them in the long run.

It’s not important what row to bet on, the key is to bet on two of them. You know for sure you will lose one bet, but you are going to win almost 2/3 of the time for $30. So, you’re rising $20 for $30 but have almost 67% chance of winning. These are quite fun bets to make as you win regularly and don’t need to compute complex odds.

High or Low

Most people like to bet on red or black or even or odd. I am a fan of betting on low or high. That’s just me. You get 1:1 on your money so if you wager $10, you can expect to get $20 back, your $10 investment plus $10 winnings.

Every roulette game I’ve ever played in offer you the opportunity to make this wager. It’s very simple to do and you’re not a huge disadvantage as you will win almost ½ the time. You won’t win 50% of the time because of the zero or double zero involved.

I like to mix it up based on my gut instinct. Some people like to look at previous numbers and base their next bet on that. I think that’s foolish as it has no bearing but whatever works for you.

Image Source: Freepik