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Most veteran players prefer American roulette over European one for valid reasons. They immediately head for a double zero roulette game. The number of spaces where a ball can stop differentiates an American and European roulette. The American version comes with thirty-eight slots (1 to 36, one green zero, and one double zero green slot). European roulette has thirty-seven (1 to 36, and one green zero slots). This extra slot on the American roulette impacts the odd of the game. The house edge of American roulette is almost double (5.26%) than that of European plays (2.7%). But the story does not end here; in fact, it only begins.

Special rule reduces the house edge

True European roulette has a special rule, which reduces the house edge further in certain conditions. Suppose the ball stops at green zero slots in European roulette; the wager bets half of the staked amount. This further reduces the house edge in all, even money bets to 1.3%. But all said the American option is more accessible; only seven Las Vegas casinos offer single zero versions. Only two casinos offer American roulette; other casinos have only one table allotted to European roulette. Most casinos in Mississippi and Louisiana offer single zero roulette in only VIP rooms; they are not eager to fill the floor with low house-edge games. In mega888 online casino, you will find both the single zero and double zero roulette.

The European roulette has better odds for players, especially when en prison rule comes into play. The gambler is entitled to half of the even money stake on zero results. This gameplay became so popular that many casinos implemented it on double zero wheels. But this rule was not widely adopted as it reduces the house edge from 5.26% to 2.63%. But American roulette is more familiar and accessible than the European one. It is better to lose than gaining half of the wager; either it is a win or loss.

Most of the European roulette is confined to VIP rooms, reserved for the elite and high roller players. The minimum bet size on these tables is $100. The most economical single zero roulette comes with $25. On the other hand, you can bet on American style roulette for $5 to $10 per spin. Download mega888 2021 app on your mobile and play roulette in your own space, whether American or European. Both variations are popular among players; as the American version is gaining popularity, many online casinos are offering American roulette in their gaming collections.

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