How Data Can Impact Betting in 2023


Data – it’s everywhere. This is especially true in the betting industry, where data has completely transformed how people place their bets. But how exactly does this work?

Over the past decade or so, technology has advanced to the point where vast amounts of data can be processed and analyzed within seconds. In the sports betting world, this data can be related to pretty much anything.

When it comes to basketball, data can be analyzed surrounding a player’s:

  • Dunks
  • Missed shots
  • Free throw rates and more

After the data is analyzed, smart predictions can be made from it.

For example: this player is likely to score ‘X’ number of points in this game.

How Can I Use Data When Betting in 2023?

If you’re a fan of sports betting, then you have two primary options when it comes to using data:

  • Sports Betting Model
  • Online Sports Data Resources

Let’s quickly examine them both.

Sports Betting Model

Sports betting models are a genius creation. They analyze sports data for you and provide intelligent betting predictions directly from the data. For anyone who watches basketball, then the best option is to use the sports betting model from Doing this will enable you to place more successful dates through the data and predictions provided to you. The predictive data is invaluable and can help you to end those losing streaks you’ve been on using real actionable sporting data, whether you like to bet on college basketball or the NBA.

Online Sports Data Resources

Throughout the internet, there are tons of websites and apps that are jam-packed with stats and other important data related to both players and teams. Through your own analysis of this data, you can then place smarter bets.

For instance, if you’re a soccer and MLS fan, you might want to bet on which team you think will keep a clean sheet (which means conceding zero goals the entire game). Before doing this, it’s a good idea to look at both teams’ clean sheet records in the current season. If a team has played 16 games the entire season and kept 8 clean sheets, then this means they have a 50 percent clean sheet rate – which is very good.

On the other hand, if one of the teams has only kept 1 clean sheet in 16 games, then that’s a terrible record and is a strong indicator not to bet on them to keep a clean sheet.

Is Sports Betting Data Reliable?

The short and sweet answer is yes – sports betting data is reliable. Of course, no sports betting model has a 100 percent success rate (as there are too many variables involved in a sports game for this to ever be the case). However, you can rest assured that by using a sports betting model and its data, you can place better-informed bets. This is why millions of people around the world use them. Not to mention, sports teams and coaches also use this type of data to improve the performance of their players and make smarter predictions, which tells you how invaluable it is.