Top 5 Highest Earning Poker Sharks


There are two types of casino poker players, those who do it for fun and those who do it for profit. Those who do it for fun like the sheer entertainment value of the game of poker and it doesn’t matter if he or she wins or loses. Those who do it for profit clearly aim to win everytime he plays, invests time to master the game and competes in poker tournaments.

Today, we will talk about the latter, those who are playing poker to win and make significant profits. These people spend a significant amount of time effort to master the craft that sometimes they make a career out of it. Some of these are even so good at it that they became extremely wealthy and popular because of it.

We listed down the top highest earning poker superstars and why they became wealthy.

Sam Farha

Sam was born in Lebanon and is now currently residing in Houston, Texas. He is considered as the richest and the most popular poker legend of all time. During his career as a poker player, he has accumulated a staggering wealth of $100 million.

Also known as Mister Cool, Sam has had a few downturns in his career as well, such as his defeat to Chris Moneymaker in the 2003 World Series Poker tournament. Regardless, he is still a millionaire even though he lost to a poker prodigy, in fact he is also an author of several books about poker strategy.

Phil Ivey

Phil is an American poker player, who has ten WSOP bracelets in the course of his career. His net worth is $100 million and he is deemed by his contemporaries as the best poker player of all time.

In fact, he started out as a blackjack player and then he found his natural talent in playing poker games. He used his popularity in investing in Tiltware, the main company of Full Tilt Poker. As one of the members of the Poker Hall of Fame, he is regarded as a poker idol and known by many poker players around the world.

Chris Ferguson

Chris, is an American professional poker legend who has amassed 6 WSOP titles during his career. Although he is a popular poker player, he also has a fair share of failures in his career. One of these is the infamous Black Friday Scandal which he was involved in 2001 and it shocked the poker community at that time.

Even though he issued a public apology after the scandal, his reputation was never fully recovered after that. Today, he is still regarded as a poker legend and he is still active in the professional scene.

Doyle Brunson

Brunson is truly a poker legend, he started his professional career in 1988. With enough poker experience and ten WSOP titles in his hands, he has established a meaningful and lucrative career.

The 87-year old player may have the lowest net worth in this list but this is due to the fact that the prize pool during his time was not that huge. When he retired from playing, his last performance after 50 years of professional career has earned him a standing ovation in 2018 WSOP.

Daniel Negreanu

Also known as Kid Poker due to the fact that at a very young age he has shown an impressive poker skill set. This 46-year-old Canadian lad has won over $17 million in several poker tournaments.

His rivalry with poker star Doug Polk ended in July 2020 during a high stakes grudge match. Also, being regarded as a player of the year several times by many organizations, this pro has a total net worth of $50 million.

It is true that playing poker is not just for fun, poker can actually lead you to unimaginable wealth. However, these people have not just become rich in one night, they have spent their days playing the พนันออนไลน์ game that they love.