Some of the significant Similarities Between Cryptocurrencies and online Gambling


Many punters have often compared the indulgence of the gambling activities that are being offfered to them by the online gambling site such as that of the  SBOBET Indonesia to the crypto currency market. This is basically due to the fact that investing in the crypto also involves some uncertainty and risk just like gambling on the online platforms. Below is a detailed information regarding a summary of the some of the most significant similarities between crypto currecnies and online gambling sites.

1 – Crypto and Casinos Feature Plenty of Risks

As mentioned above in this article, both investing in the crypto currencies and indulging on the gambling games for real money has  a certain amount or risk  that is typically associated with it. In gambling on the gambling activities present on the online gambling platforms, there is a household edge that  is basically present on most of these games.

Therefore, in order for you to be able to win and also overcome this house edge so that you can be able to maker profit, it is very much required for you not not only win but also win with over fifty percent. For instance, the Europenverison of the table of game of roulette carries a 2.70% house edge, thus this typciall means for you to be bale to win in this game foroulette  you are needed to win with a percentage that is practically over 51.3%.

In the crypto currency market, the risk is a little bit dissimaler as there is no house edge, still as a trader in this crypto currecnt market you are required to pay a partucalr amount of  trading fee each time you are buying or selling a crypto currency.

The main uncertainty in this crypto currency market is the manner in which  an individual is never aware of whether an  asset will increase in value or decrease in value in the near future. For instance, you may probably come to a preditiction that the Ethereum (ETH) will increase in value in the value, still there is no guaranteeing that this Ethereum (ETH) crypto currency could decrease in value by  1000%  in that year or increaseby the same amount in that year.

In some certain degree indulging in the crypto currency mark is typicaly riskier than indulging in the gambling activities being offered by the online gambling sites. However, the crypto currency has a way more long term profit potential as compared to the online gambling platform due to the fact that they usually lack the house edge

2 – Both Involve Strategy

The critical point in most of the gambling games of the online gambling sites is that they do need a certain degrees of strategy  to be implemented. Depending on the game that the punter or gambler opt to indulge in  the required implementation of strategy may probably either be a high degree of strategy or a low degree of strategy. The same applies when trading in the crypto currency market.

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