Slot Machines

Can we Rely on Slots RTP?


When producing a slot machine, there is an algorithm that brings it all together, as well as functionality and aesthetics. It would be wrong to think of slot machines as reel games with pretty graphics. But how and where is this algorithm made? Are the odds of winning slot machines really good? If you are looking for answers to these questions, read on!

Although it is a fact that slot machines make casinos rich, it is possible to increase your chances of winning by playing slot machines in reliable places. Although it is a fact that slot machines make casinos rich, it is possible to increase your chances of winning by playing slot machines in reliable places.

Slot Machines

There are certain things to look out for in slot machines. These are; bonuses, theme, gameplay, and winning rate. Most people prefer to research and play slot machines according to the win rate. Actually, if you look at it, this is a good research method you can do. It will be enough to do a little research to reach these statistics. Do you know how the RTP logic works? Let us tell you a bit about it.  


You may have already questioned the statistics of how much you can win when playing a slot machine. RTP is actually the name given to exactly that. Each slot machine has its own algorithm. Your win rate is completely dependent on this ratio. If you play a slot with an 89% win rate, statistically you have a very good chance of winning. But slot machines don’t exactly work with this logic. RTP is the percentage return to the player realized in the long term. So it doesn’t happen in a short session after a few thousand spins. 

The whole RTP is a very complex process. It does not depend on specific numbers. In other words, slot machines are not coded in such a way that every 100 spins pay one. The math behind the work we mentioned earlier in our article actually starts here. All combinations in the game are evaluated. The mathematical analysis that emerges as a result of these evaluations is actually called RTP. While these processes are happening, the numbers used are all randomly selected. In this way, there is actually nothing left for the player and the casino to do. 

Can we Trust RTP?

Actually, the answer to that question is yes. It is possible to choose a slot machine with a high winning rate, even if it is randomized. What you need to do for this is to activate the RTP. But here’s where the twist comes in. You never know when you will activate the RTP. So, theoretically, it is possible to get your bet back or even double it if you choose a slot machine with a high RTP. This is where the fun of gambling starts. 

You’ve heard a lot about RTPs not being reliable. However, this is not entirely true. Of course, these algorithms are randomized, but there are some that can make you a lot of money. What you should avoid are slot machines in unreliable places. Even though they are few in number, it is worth paying attention to them. You should be able to play slot machines without fear of being scammed. The fact is that since the casinos buy the software or slot machines, they don’t really have much to do with the situation.

If you are looking for the best slots to play, we have a recommendation for you. Slot machines are as rewarding for the players as they are for the casinos. Don’t be afraid to try your luck with an honest casino. Don’t forget that slot machines are an easy way to earn the money of your dream.

RTP and Volatility

These two words do not mean the same thing for slot machines. In fact, they are very distant concepts. The volatility of a slot gives us an idea of how the RTP is distributed. 

A Normal RTP

This usually ranges from 97% to 92%.  You may certainly encounter more or less. As mentioned above, this is not decided by the online casino, but by the developers of the casino games. If the RTP is too high, it will not be too high for a casino. But in the opposite condition, if it is too low, the casino most likely won’t be able to find players. 

Tips & Tricks

Always read reviews and other people’s comments. This way you can even get RTP rates. It will increase your chances considerably. Try to play slot machines that will give you more winnings. For this, it will be enough to follow the RTP rates. It is very important that you play at a reliable casino. If you are going to do it online, make sure that the casino is licensed.


We have already mentioned that slot machines are not money traps and work on certain mathematical analyses. For this reason, it seems possible to label slot machines as a source of income and not as a money trap. If you follow our advice, you will have the opportunity to join the ranks of those people who became millionaires from slot machines.