Camera lights and baccarat


Why is it that you will find บาคาร่า in movies? The main after all of most of the spy movies is to create a situation of suspense, between the arch nemesis who is scheming and the suave hero. Nothing will click more than a card game as it is one that is quite exciting to find out the way the cards in the hands will be at the end.

But it is hard for baccarat to be associated with skills or wits and that is why it could be that Daniel Craig preferred poker as his preferred weapon of wits when it came to the stony eyed villain in the Casino Royale, the Le Chiffre. In most instances, baccarat has been a motif of the wry humor and indulgence that is why you will find in James Bond’s movies o in the slapstick fests which have a lighter vein.

Its presence has been associated with romance, flirtation, and nostalgia. A baccarat scene can lend some sort of calmness to a rush which was otherwise frenetic. The following are some of the scenes that are quite memorable of the baccarat and the way it has been able to light up the soul of movies which were otherwise outrageous.

Banco and the Beatles

When the Beatles weren’t crooning together to their career’s milestone, they also got time to star in a concert film. One such type of film was Hard Day’s Night where they were able to stop in London to rewind and have some fun. One of the scenes which is delightful is where John, the father of Paul McCartney gets a ticket to enter into a casino while it was supposed to be for Ringo Starr, Paul’s fellow performer. He wins a lot of money on the baccarat table though he is playing without having knowledge of the game. The version he plays is the Punto Banco and the croupier goes ahead and reminds him that is it is Banco and not Bingo the way John puts it.

James Bond with the Baccarat

According to Ian Fleming, he wanted to ensure that Baccarat is associated with his creation; James Bond. Fleming was able to use the mystical charms of the baccarat in full, setting up a variety of situations of the baccarat game between the enemies of Bond and Bond himself while ratcheting more tension by the witticisms means.

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