Why Do I Keep Losing at Online Slot Games?


Losing money while playing casino games, including slots, is very common. The reason for this is that there is some house edge involved – also play slot free spin no deposit.

Before you can even start finding answers as to why you are losing at online slots, consider the house edge. Slots have a higher house edge than other casino games. Also, slots move fast, with a minimum of 500 spins in an hour. So, while the fast gameplay brings some excitement, it also leads to higher losses and calls for a more cautious strategy.

Below are some probable reasons why you might lose online slots and how to fix them.

Not Considering the Slot Variance

If you have been playing a particular slot and barely not won anything out of the game, chances are you are playing a high-variance slot. Variance measures the risk involved in a slot, which affects the payouts. High variance slots mainly consist of progressive games that offer massive wins to lucky risk-takers.

To avoid this, take note of the variance of a slot machine. Always go for low-medium or medium variance slots. Medium variance slots give you the right amount of risk vs. reward, so you can expect substantial wins from playing these games.

Chasing Casino Comps

Many players see comps as one of the most rewarding parts of playing slots. When playing slots, you are in for some free treat, like a free meal after a session. However, you should never get so caught up in comps that you start playing longer to earn them. Gambling comps are not as they are cracked up to be. In most cases, your theoretical losses will be much greater than the rewards they are worth.

Playing without a Profit and Loss Limit

Always stop while you are winning. Even if you are raking in thousands of euros from slot payouts, it means nothing if you lose all of them when trying to increase your winnings.

It pays to have a profit limit or the number of winnings you plan to accumulate from playing a slot. This way, you can find the right point in time to quit. You will be a winner if you can walk from a casino with more money than your initial bankroll.

Having a loss limit when playing slots can also help mitigate the feeling of regret. Gamers tend to chase their losses by taking more money from their credit cards, which makes the loss more painful than before. Having a loss limit can reduce the mental stress of losing at slots.

Ignoring the Casino Bonuses

You have more chances of winning a big payout with the extra cash. Fortunately, most slot sites often offer new and existing punters extra cash through bonuses.

Most new gamers tend to miss these bonuses because they don’t check the minimum requirements to claim them. Anytime you register at a casino, you must visit the promotions page to see if you are eligible for any bonuses like moss giant osrs.

Knowledge of slot machines, setting limits on your profits and losses, and using casino bonuses are good ways of avoiding losses at slots.